I'm Miguel Lopez

Front-End Web Developer

Husband, Father, Front-End Developer, living in Orange County. Currently building responsive websites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I love to make things that people can and will use. Contact me if you want to know more!

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screenshot of price component site

Pricing component

A Pricing component made using HTML, Flex Box, SASS, Javascript. The goal of this challange by frontendmentor.com, was to get the pricing component to switch from a yearly plan to a monthly plan, when toggled with the keyboard or mouse.


Coding bootcamp testimonials slider

A Coding bootcamp testimonials slider made using Flexbox, SASS, Javascript. The goal of this challange from frontendmentor.com, was to make a testimonials site, that slides to either left or right depending which arrow you press and which testimony you are on.



Travelly is a made up travell website. Using Flexbox it was made responsive.

screenshot of jennifer stone website

Jennifer Stone

A portfolio website for photography. Website contains animations on images.

Man sitting with laptop

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Have any questions or just want to say hi? I am currently looking for a Front-End Developer role, so feel free to send me a message and let’s chat!

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